Too Much, Too Soon.

by GlamWIN

Last night’s date was via

The Place: Chancery Lane

The Drinks: Champagne


Now, I know you gentlemen out there think we ladies will complain about anything, and while that is clearly very true, there is such a thing as “too much of a good thing”. Yes, of course we all want to meet a gentleman who thinks of sweet and charming little things to make us feel special, but here’s a rapid-fire way to NotInterestedville, via uncomfortable OTT gestures.

While making an effort to take your lady somewhere she’d like, this lady knows for a fact that most men are not too keen to have a meatless meal, so I was somewhat impressed when the gentleman made an effort to take me to what was written up as some sort of central London vegetarian paradise. His pictures were attractive, he had that “nice smile/eyes/shoulders” thing going on where I thought he’s bound to have some personality defect, but talking on the phone and via text was fine, in fact, he was attentive, charming, funny, cool.

Or so I thought until I met him and he surprised me with a massive bouquet of flowers at the restaurant. While other people gazed on as if he was ‘the best boyfriend ever’, I felt as though it was totally cringeworthy, as there was a handwritten card in a twelve-year-old’s ham-fisted scrawl, which read: “flowers fit for a PRINCESS. Hey, I’ve got to keep you on your toes, somehow”. Uh, Waiter? I don’t think I ordered this side of puuuuuuuke.

Needless to say the overelaborate gesture cost him the game and the title, as I couldn’t possibly be expected to fancy someone so overly keen who’d never even really bothered to get to know me – he’d just decided to throw his awkward A-game in my direction before ever meeting me in person. Sorry, sweetheart. There is such a thing as Too Much, Too Soon, Tuned Out.